Five Reasons to Love Marigot Bay, St Lucia

Colourful Marigot Bay, St Lucia

Colourful Marigot Bay, St Lucia


Widely acclaimed as one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful bays, Marigot Bay is one of St Lucia’s most delightful resorts. Here are five reasons to love this special corner of paradise.

St Lucia was recently awarded the title “The Caribbean’s leading honeymoon destination” by the World Travel Awards. This is the tenth consecutive year that the island has received this title, and it’s hardly surprising when you think about it; the island is hot, lush, fun, friendly and offers scenery to die for!

Tucked away on the west coast of the island is Marigot Bay, the setting for some memorable scenes in the classic Rex Harrison movie, Doctor Doolittle.

Since Harrison’s day the bay has changed a bit. There have been building developments over the past few decades that have turned this idyllic bay into a popular holiday destination, with a variety of hotels, bars and restaurants popping up over the years for the enjoyment of guests and residents alike. And yet, despite these developments, Marigot Bay has managed to avoid becoming in any way overcrowded; it’s still peaceful and unspoilt.

What is it that makes Marigot Bay such a popular holiday destination for families and adventurers as well as honeymooners and couples? Here are five reasons to love the bay, in no particular order.

1. Peaceful and secluded

Marigot Bay is a secluded spot – particularly the north side of the bay, which is reachable only by boat (there are regular ferry services taking visitors from one side of the bay to the other).

But it’s also within easy reach – by both land and sea – of St Lucia’s top attractions, towns and cities.

The island’s capital, Castries, is a short drive away (or a short water taxi trip away, if you prefer). Likewise, Rodney Bay – the lively ‘hub’ of the island where much of the tourist activity takes place – is easily reached.

When you stay in Marigot Bay, you’re in a place that’s simultaneously fun and peaceful, relaxing and lively, secluded yet easily reached. There aren’t many destinations in the world that tick so many boxes at once!

2. Eating out

There are some 10-11 restaurants and bars in Marigot Bay, so visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to dining out.

The restaurants around the bay offer a huge variety of cuisine to suit most budgets. From low-cost local delicacies and quick bites to fine dining and fine wines, there are few tastes that can’t be catered for in Marigot Bay’s excellent selection of eateries.

And the scenery while you dine – well, it doesn’t come at an extra charge, so fill your soul with beautiful views while you fill your belly with beautiful food; it won’t cost a penny extra!

3. Warm, gentle sea

The sea tends to be calm in Marigot Bay for most of the year, so it’s a great spot for swimming and snorkelling. The sea is warm and usually clear, so even without a snorkel you should have a clear view of the many different varieties of tropical fish swimming around your ankles.

If you’re dining at a waterside restaurant in Marigot Bay you’ll see bright blue parrot fish feeding among the corals by day. By night, you’ll see rays gliding gracefully through the water, and bats swooping down to catch fish by moonlight. It’s really quite spectacular, whatever the time of day!

4. Beauty

It’s been said many times that Marigot Bay is one of the most beautiful bays in the whole Caribbean. If you look at photos of the bay – or are lucky enough to visit – you’re bound to agree.

The bay is fringed by mangroves, dipping their toes into the warm sea. Above the mangroves are the rainforest-lined hills, while the beaches are – as you’d expect – lined with palm trees. From elevated gardens, the startling turquoise hue of the sea is punctuated occasionally by swathes of pinks, purples and reds provided by nature, in the form of bougainvillea and ‘flamboyant trees’.

Marigot Bay has beautiful sounds as well as its beautiful sights. Birdsong during the day comes courtesy of the finches and hummingbirds that share the bay with their human neighbours. By night, cicadas and tree frogs sing us to sleep. If you’re looking for paradise, look no further than Marigot Bay!

5. Sunsets

Marigot Bay is west-facing, so it boasts some truly breathtaking sunsets. Being so close to the equator, there’s not much deviation in the sunrise and sunset times on St Lucia throughout the year, so it’s easy to plan your activities so that you’re back in Marigot Bay sipping a rum punch as the sun goes down.

Sunset cruises are a popular way to enjoy this wonderful time of day in Marigot Bay – typically, a sunset cruise with champagne will cost US$150, so if you’re visiting the bay as a couple, ask your hotel’s front desk team about availability of this wonderfully romantic activity.




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