Friends reunited at Doolittle’s Restaurant and Bar

Paul Ferris and Captain Christophe Laurant

Paul Ferris and Captain Christophe Laurant


Here at Marigot Beach Club and Dive Resort, you never know who you’re going to bump into…

Take Paul and Christophe, for instance.

Paul Ferris is a well-known face around St Lucia. So well-known in fact, that he has several nicknames locally: Redpants, Drink and Run, and “I’ll try one to see if I like it” are just three of Paul’s rather creative alternative names! Paul is skipper of a barge which sinks piles for docks; his craft is called the Piton Piler, quite apt really considering Piton is the name of the local beer and Paul has been known to enjoy the odd beer or two!

Captain Christophe Laurant operates a yacht commercially for tourism around the islands.

David introduced Paul to Christophe at Doolittle’s Restaurant and Bar recently, and it turned out that the two actually already had mutual friends; namely, the crew of the Calais lifeboat that saved Paul after a misadventure a few years ago.

This wasn’t Paul’s only maritime accident; there’s a fresco in a Bequia restaurant depicting a famous sinking which led to Paul being rescued from the rocks.

The meeting between Paul and Christophe culminated in the sharing of old photos and much reminiscing over a beer or twelve. In the photo, Paul (left) wears the Calais lifeboat tie and Christope wears the tie of the Societe des Regates de Calais Yacht Club.

It just goes to show that if people are meant to meet, it’ll happen in Doolittle’s. It’s the meeting place of the rich and famous, but also of everyday folk like you and me.

Next time you’re in St Lucia, make sure you take advantage of Doolittle’s daily happy hour – you never know who you might bump into!



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