Great Sandy Beaches of St Lucia

Cas en Bas, St Lucia

Cas en Bas

The palm-fringed beach here at Marigot Bay, dipping its toes into the warm blue Caribbean Sea, is a wonderful place to relax and let your cares slip away. Close to hand you have our freshwater pool, where you can take a refreshing dip if you fancy a change from swimming in the sea; and of course there’s Doolittle’s Restaurant and Bar, where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks all day long.

But at some point during your vacation you may want to explore some of the other sandy beaches of St Lucia, of which there are many. If you’d like to enjoy a spot of sunbathing or snorkelling at one of St Lucia’s beautiful sandy beaches, we can help you organise water taxi trips or a regular taxi if you prefer.

Sandy beaches in St Lucia which are really worth a visit include the following.

Anse Cochon

Anse Cochon is only a short ride away. Adjacent to the village of Anse La Raye, Anse Cochon is a popular snorkelling and diving spot. The beach is beautiful; situated in a quaint cove it has black rocks to the north which look beautiful from the land and help to promote coral growth below the surface of the water. There are a few local vendors that sell drinks and souvenirs here, as well as a beach bar which serves snacks and drinks. Be sure to hire your equipment from our dive shop before you leave for a great day out.

Anse Des Pitons

This beach, as the name suggests, is situated between the two towering peaks of the pitons, close to Soufriere in the south of the island. Again, Anse Des Pitons is a great place for snorkelling. Close to the base of Petit Piton there’s a small ledge of coral which is home to a vast array of marine life. The water here is very clear and cool. Refreshments are available on the beach.

Cas en Bas

Situated at the other end of the island – to the north, on the Atlantic side – Cas en Bas beach is very close to Rodney Bay, which as we’ve mentioned before is a great place to go shopping (and looking at it another way, shopping is a great way to round off a day on Cas en Bas beach!)

Long and sandy, formed in a horseshoe shape, Cas en Bas always has a good breeze and is popular with kite surfers. You can also hire horses here to trot along the beach or go into the sea (an experience not to be missed). There’s also a local bar which sells drinks and refreshments.

For more information about things to do in St Lucia, please visit our front desk team after arrival at Marigot Beach Club and Dive Resort. Our front desk team have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the best things to do and see in St Lucia, and can help arrange transport too.



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