Lesser Antillean bullfinches at Marigot Beach Club and Dive Resort

lesser Antillean bullfinchSt Lucia has some wonderful birds, and among the most regular visitors to Marigot Beach Club and Dive Resort are our little friends the Lesser Antillean bullfinches.

These wonderful little birds have tons of personality, and as you can see from our video, they’re often quite tame.

Once they’ve worked out you’re a source of food and not a threat, they’ll become braver and braver until, if you offer the right treat (ginger biscuits are a favourite) you may be lucky enough to persuade one to eat from your hand.

The guest whose hand appears in this video (which we’ve edited with her permission) tells us that after a couple of days of feeding the finches, they started to get a bit impatient and if she wasn’t awake early enough, the finches would tap on the glass of the door until she got up and fed them!



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