Old McDoolittle’s had a farm… ee-eye-ee-eye-oh!

Plants for Doolittles Farm

Plants for Doolittle’s Farm


We’ve been very busy recently in creating our own ‘farm’ at Doolittle’s Restaurant and Bar, so that we will always have access to the very freshest ingredients for our guests’ meals.

Marigot Beach Club’s landscape gardening team has created a wonderful organic produce garden where, by autumn, we will have access to a variety of beautiful organic fresh produce to be used on demand.

In our farm we’re growing:

  • Different types of basil – Italian basil, purple basil, Thai sweet basil, holy basil and jasmine basil
  • A variety of lettuces and salads – frisee, mustard lettuce, pepper lettuce, purple lettuce, red leaf lettuce, beetroot leaves, dandelion leaves, arugula/rocket salad and other colorful lettuces
  • A variety of sprouts, including mustard sprouts and alfalfa sprouts
  • Greens – spinach, watercress, pak choi, Chinese cabbage and Swiss chard
  • Other herbs including mint, spearmint, coriander (cilantro), dill, chillies, local sage, lemon sage, Italian sage and oregano.

If you’re planning a trip to St Lucia from fall onwards, make sure you visit Doolittle’s and taste the difference that’s made by using the freshest, tastiest, organic ingredients that have been grown on-site. Zero food miles, no carbon footprint, no health-damaging pesticides… just great tasting, healthy produce that goes from ground to plate in a matter of minutes!

Don’t forget – you can keep up to date with what’s going on at Doolittle’s by liking the Doolittle’s Restaurant and Bar Facebook page.



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