The prince and the frog – a tropical love story

St Lucian tree frog

Princess awaits a kiss from her prince


You’ll know from previous posts here at the Marigot Beach Club blog that St Lucia is rich in wildlife. We’ve talked about the beautiful birds that visit Marigot Bay, and elsewhere on the website we’ve mentioned the bats that fish in the bay every night, the crabs that sunbathe on the jetty, and some of the fish that can be seen in our calm, clear waters by day.

But one of the critters that makes its presence most known in Marigot Bay is the tree frog, whose dusk-to-dawn chirruping is the reason for the “typically tropical” sounds that make St Lucia such a wonderful place to be at night.

Tree frogs are usually quite shy, but there’s one in Marigot Bay who enjoys human company so much, she’s become a bit of a ‘pet’ to animal-loving owner of Marigot Beach Club and Dive Resort, David Shimeld.

Every evening for the past few months, this little frog has been visiting David on his veranda while he watches TV. She spends her time sitting on David’s shoulder, catching and eating any mosquitoes that attempt to bite him. A few nights ago, David tells me, the frog landed with a cold, wet slap on the side of his neck and he almost jumped out of his skin!

David has given his new friend a name: Princess. He says this is because she’s dainty and pretty, but the rest of the team reckon it’s because he believes the old fairy tale and hopes she’ll turn into a princess if he gives her a quick kiss!



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