St Lucia Getaways: Ten Great Reasons To Buy A St Lucia Timeshare

St Lucia timeshares


Economically sound and always in demand, a timeshare is a fantastic alternative to an annual package holiday. Here are ten great reasons for buying a timeshare in St Lucia.

The world’s first timeshares were advertised in Europe in the 1960s, when an imaginative ski resort developer advertised his new properties by inviting guests to “stop renting rooms – buy the resort instead”.

This turned out to be an extremely popular strategy, and there are now thousands of timeshare resorts around the world, offering holidaymakers the opportunity to ‘own’ a room at a resort for decades, with the option to swap their annual week at their own resort for a week at a resort somewhere else in the world.

If you’ve ever considered buying a timeshare, but need a little help deciding where to start, our ten great reasons for buying a St Lucia timeshare will help you on your way.

1. High demand

At the time of writing, St Lucia has just three resorts offering timeshare options, and this is unlikely to change in the near future as St Lucia’s topography is not conducive to building an excessive number of resorts. For example, there is little level building land adjacent to large beaches. This is a big advantage to St Lucia timeshare owners, as the dearth of suitable building plots on the island increases the swapping value of the timeshare – and so, St Lucia timeshare owners will find it very easy to arrange swaps to other timeshare properties worldwide, due to the high demand for St Lucia timeshares and the shortage of suitable properties.

2. Economic benefits

In the long run, buying a St Lucia timeshare will save you money. Once you’ve made the initial outlay on the property, which typically costs about the same amount as five weeks away, you’ll have another 30 years of free accommodation.

3. Second home

If you’ve ever considered buying a second home but can’t justify the expense of buying additional real estate, a St Lucia timeshare is a great compromise. Why pay for twelve months of the year when you’re only on vacation for one or two weeks a year? A St Lucia timeshare is a fantastic, and cost-effective, alternative to an overseas holiday home.

St Lucia timeshares4. Time out – guaranteed!

When you own a timeshare you’re incentivised to take time away from your busy life and take an annual vacation. It’s surprising how many busy people find it difficult to commit to time out to relax and spend time with the family, and owning a St Lucia timeshare is a great way to ensure you create some ‘you time’ and ease some of life’s stress. Resting your body for a week in a beautiful tropical location like St Lucia really works wonders, and can rejuvenate your mind and body for the rest of the year.

5. Sound investment

Owning a St Lucia timeshare is a sound financial investment. It allows you to build equity and the terms of the timeshare agreement allow you to sell your investment at any time, if you want to.

6. Income generation

Your St Lucia timeshare can generate a good income. If for any reason you’re unable to use your week in any given year, you can rent your week out to somebody else, and make use of the revenue where it’s needed.

7. Where there’s a will…

If you’re buying your timeshare later in life, there’s no need to worry about what happens to your property when you pass away; you can leave your timeshare in your will to your loved ones, so they can enjoy the property after you’re gone.

8. The gift that keeps on giving

Your timeshare week is yours to do as you like with, so if your daughter is getting married and you want to give her a really memorable wedding present, simply give her the gift of that year’s week at your St Lucia timeshare. Now there’s a honeymoon she’ll never forget!

9. No nasty surprises

When you own a St Lucia timeshare, you always know what you’re going to get when you arrive. There are no nasty surprises like being booked into a too-small room or having to endure shabby accommodation – with a timeshare, your accommodation is always kept in good order, with everything ready for you to settle in at the end of your long journey.

10. Year-round maintenance

Unlike owning a second home, with a St Lucia timeshare you’ll never have to worry about who’s going to keep an eye on the property between visits. There’s always someone there to keep the grass cut, keep the property clean, and look after security and maintenance so that you don’t have to.



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