Union Mini Zoo


A visit to Union mini zoo could well be the highlight of your vacation in St Lucia. Here you’ll find a fascinating collection of animals and birds indigenous to St Lucia, as well as other exotic species.

Operated and maintained by St Lucia’s Ministry of Agriculture Forestry Department, Union mini zoo is staffed by experienced officers who were trained at the UK’s famous Jersey Zoo.

At Union mini zoo you’ll see the St Lucia Parrot – known locally as the Jacquot – a beautiful and colourful parrot whose survival was seriously endangered until the Government designated the Jacquot a protected species. Numbers are now on the increase and the St Lucia Parrot, though elusive, can be seen in the canopies of St Lucia’s rainforests.

During your visit you’ll also see the “tete-chien” boa constrictor, a snake native to St Lucia; iguanas, the largest lizards found on the island at up to 6ft long; and an indigenous mammal, the Agouti – an unusual rodent with long, slender legs.