Spa & Wellness Retreat


Welcome to Soothing Touch Spa at Marigot Beach Club & Dive Resort
It is necessary to escape into another world due to our busy work schedule. There are lots of health benefits to shun external stimuli and work on our inner selves.
If we can afford the time, take a few days or couple of weeks off, fly to a new destination like Saint Lucia. A change of environment can be good for the soul.
So what does the hotel spa provide?
It can be a space to pamper ourselves in much needed “me time”, to recharge, relax and detox.
Add a touch of extra calm and relaxation to your holiday at Marigot Beach Club Spa & Dive Resort – we offer a wide range of spa treatments that will help you forget your worries and rediscover your inner tranquility.
– Soothing Touch Spa offers the following
– Full body massage
– Swedish & Deep Tissue
– Facials
– Pedicures
– Manicures
– Paint Job
Soothing Touch Spa is open daily from 8Am-3Pm by appointments only – please send us an email with your preferred dates and times and we’ll do the rest.
Tel: +1-758-451-4974 or +1-758-458-3323
The spa is also open to our fellow Saint Lucians
See pricing below.