St Lucia Rainforest Trails


Visits to St Lucia’s rainforests are only available with express permission of the St Lucian government’s Forestry Department, which runs several excellent rainforest tours.

St Lucia rainforest tours organised by the Forestry Department include:

– Union nature trail, medicinal herb garden, wildlife collection and interpretive centre: looped trail through secondary dry forest; learn about medicinal herbs; visit Union mini zoo; visit the Interpretive Centre to learn about endangered species and the forest. Half day tour.

– Enbas Saut Falls trail: remote, wild and scenic 4km long trail in St Lucia’s central rainforest reserve at the foot of Mount Gimie. See two famous cascading waterfalls and pools at the head of the Troumasse river.

– Des Carties rainforest: the ultimate St Lucia rainforest tour, lasting a full day.

Birdwatching tours can also be arranged at different locations around the island.